Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Time

It has been one month since my last blog. The primary election in Alabama is over, and my candidate, Paul Bussman for State Senate district 4, is in a runoff. The runoff election is July 13. I do not know his opponent, but I do know Paul Bussman. He is a true conservative candidate who has worked for the citizens of the north Alabama for many years. I strongly endorse him for Senate. 

The oil leak in the Gulf is continuing. What a shame. Can't someone figure out how to stop the leak? I am still in favor of off-shore drilling, because we need the oil, and if we don't drill, some other country will. I suggest a contest where the person with the winning idea of how to plug the leak wins $5,000,000. BP will gladly pay the prize.

It is now public knowledge that Sarah Palin has had a breast augmentation. Even so, she is not as big of a boob as our current President.

I am in Destin, Florida right now. It is depressed, and it is the 4th of July week. Hopefully people will come.

My grandson, Jonah, has never been in the belly of a fish. However, he is a real catch.

My granddaughter, Taylor, is growing like the weeds in my garden.

My granddaughter, Rylee, is extremely photogenic.

My grandson, Jacob, can throw a baseball like Nolan Ryan.

My grandson, Jordon, just finished his baseball tournament play. He is certainly not an error.

My granddaughter, Haven, is quite the fast-pitch softball player. She can really sling it!

My grandson, Jamison, also plays baseball. Girls, he is a real catch.

Kim and I are enjoying the week in Destin with some really good friends. We seem to be "in tune" with them in just about everything. In fact, our week is Close Enough To Perfect that it makes me Feel So Right. I am looking forward to being back on the Tennessee River and listening to some of that Mountain Music, after all, my Home Is In Alabama.

Hurricane Alex is heading for Mexico and Texico. I hope everyone on the coast is talking to the man who wears, and made, the star. Because you know that you can trust your life, to the Man who made the stars.


  1. You should have said growing like the tomatoes in your garden! Taylor is one plump little girl!

  2. hahaha! You're such a goober! I love it! haha. I really did laugh out loud reading this. The boob one was the best. You should have said "My granddaughter, Rylee, is extremely photogenic, but you better snap it fast or she'll be gone in a FLASH!" haha! And I'm all for a $5,000,000.00 prize from BP. What about duck tape, it fixes everything at my house. I'm ready for y'all to be home. I'm a lady down on love without y'all here!

  3. I was about to say "You're such a goober" and then I saw Rebecca put it. Shucks! At least I can correct her on the proper spelling of duct tape.

    I like the references to your friends. Do you think anyone will know who they are? Gee. . .