Friday, May 21, 2010

The Rhino Revolution

I first read "Rhinoceros Success" by Scott Alexander in 1982. I have read it, and his two companion books, many times since. I have also given away several copies over the years. You should read "Rhinoceros Success" if you want to find out what real living is all about.

I just found Scott's blog. It is very good reading. He still has great insight about what is really important in life, and the United States. I hope you read his stuff.

The Rhino Revolution

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mid Term Elections

There is talk, maybe hope, that conservatives will retake majorities in both the House and the Senate during the 2010 mid-term elections. Regretfully, that is not enough. Conservative majorities in both houses of Congress may be able to stem the tide of the left-wing, socialist programs being passed by the Obama-Reid-Pelosi led kooks currently in power. However, it will take a two-thirds majority in both Houses to override a Presidential Veto, which is exactly what will happen when a Conservative Congress tries to undue the damage caused by the Democrats.

Two-thirds majority. We can hope.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I now have seven grandkids. Jamison (Naomi) is the oldest, but he and Haven (Josh) are both 12. Jordan (Josh) is 11. Those three are the "first batch." Then I have Jacob (Matt & Naomi), who is 2. Rylee (Josh & Nicole), who is going on 2. Taylor (Becca & Robbie), who is 7 months. And then there is Jonah (Matt & Naomi), who is 4 weeks. These four are the "second batch." I do not know why my kids decided on waiting 9 years between batches. Go figure!

I am expecting a third batch, but currently no one else is expecting (that I know of.)

My grandkids are great. They are into sports and music. They like video games, and super heros. They like to visit Momma Bo and me. We like to give them stuff. Usually little things. Occasionally not so. I like the first batch better when mommy and daddy are not around. I like the second batch better when mommy and daddy are close by. I guess I just like to be able to understand what they are saying.

I hope my grandkids grow-up in a country that lets them live a life of self-determination. I want my grandkids to know that they are responsible for their own successes and failures. They must learn that once they become adults, no one else is responsible for taking care of them, especially the government. My grandkids will have what they grow, earn and save, just like their parents, and just like grandparents.

The most valuable thing I can leave my grandchildren is a country that follows its Constitution and believes in Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Market Capitalism.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Second Childhood

Some men handle their second childhood by buying sports cars or sweet, young wives. I am experiencing my second childhood (or it could be my third) by re-reading books that I liked when I was young. I have just recently finished reading Exodus by Leon Uris (my favorite book) for the probably the fifth or sixth time. I also went way back and re-read My Side of the Mountain by Jean George, which I first read in the fifth grade. I am currently reading Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain are in waiting. Who knows, I may start wearing bell-bottoms and platform shoes!

Backpacking on the AT

AT = Appalachian Trail = 2000+ miles from Georgia to Maine = Beautiful Scenery = Ugly Feet

I have hiked more than 500 miles of the AT over several outings. The longest time on the trail was about 12 days, or 150 miles. I have hiked several sections more than once. But, to be quite honest, it may be the closest this man will ever get to experiencing child birth.

Backpacking on the AT hurts real bad while doing it, but I keep going back for more. There is nothing easy about toting a backpack weighing more than 30 pounds (with food and water) up and down never ending mountains in the hot, or cold, or dry, or wet, or the very worst, cold and wet and windy, weather. But it is fun, and it is an adventure. Experiencing nature is something most of us seldom get to do. Walking in the rain may be a pretty song, but most of us try to avoid it whenever possible. However, on the trail, you walk.

From sun up to sun down (or not), you walk. It has been said that the most viewed site on the AT is the top of your boots. When you are not walking, you are eating or sleeping. Nothing else. For days. For some through-hikers (true bloods who walk the entire trail in one season), pretty much nothing but walking, eating and sleeping is done for five or six months. They say it gets easier physically the longer you walk, but they also say it gets harder mentally.

I would like to be a through-hiker. Maybe I will do that my sixtieth year. Or earlier. Will you go with me?

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Government is out of Money

They are rioting in the streets. The people are angry because the government has no money, is raising taxes, is cutting off welfare, and is reducing and/or eliminating pensions to its retirees. Greece? Nope. The good ole USA! That also means no more healthcare, because we have let the government run it and take away our right to self determination. When we are out of money, those who are living off the government dole will riot. They will either have their needs met by the government, or they will meet their needs by taking what they need by force. This will truly be a redistribution of wealth in America. And it will happen when the USA goes broke, just like in Greece.

We are not there yet, but we are close. Our government deficit (that is just like credit card debt for you and me) is huge and is growing at a blazing rate. When you hear Congress talk about reducing the deficit, they are not talking about paying down the debt. They are talking about reducing how fast the deficit is growing. When Congress talks about cutting spending, they are not talking about spending less. They are talking about a smaller increase in spending. There is no plan in Congress, and no desire for a plan, to actually spend less in order to pay down the debt of our country. They are just hoping that revenues will increase because of their superior management skills (smiley face goes here.)

It is simple. We must spend less. That means that some things we now have, we will no longer have. The Federal Government of the United States must stop spending, stop increasing taxes, and stop trying to run our economy on make-believe money. We should close most Federal Agencies today. I am talking about the entire Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Federal Reserve and the Environmental Protection Agency. All of these should be the responsibilities of the individual States, if at all. Defense, Homeland Security, State, Transportation, Treasury and the Attorney General should be better managed for the good of the USA, not the world. That means downsized!

The IRS should be abolished and replaced with a consumption tax (the Fair Tax.) 

If we cannot get our financial house in order, we will fall. No business or family can survive when spending exceeds earnings for a long period of time. Neither can a country.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MADD vs. The Arizona Immigration Law

We are hearing a lot about how the New Arizona Immigration Law will violate the "civil rights" of Hispanic citizens in that great state. For some reason those against the law think that it is better that the citizens of Arizona bear the costs of the increased crime and economic shortages caused by the unfettered influx of thousands of illegal Mexican Nationals into the state than for some of its citizens to be inconvenienced if they should be asked to prove their citizenship. Did they feel the same way when Mothers Against Drunk Drivers made their national push for random "sobriety check points" in order to get drunk drivers off the road? Did those now opposing the Immigration Law also oppose the stopping of all traffic, even those not driving erratically or violating any law, to see if they might be intoxicated? Did those now opposing the Immigration law also oppose Federal Background Checks on all purchasers of handguns, even those with no indication of any restricted violation in their past?

American freedoms are fundamental and should not be infringed. However, a slight inconvenience is a small price to pay to protect our country against being overran by foreign nationals who may not have our best interest at heart.

Immigration vs. Illegal Immigration

Unless Native American or of Native American descent, all United States citizens are either immigrants or are of immigrant descent. We are a country of immigrants, the Great Melting Pot of history. We are a country of immigrants who became Americans. We are not a country of "ethnic" diversity, although almost all ethnicities are represented in our population. We are Americans who are proud of our heritages, but prouder yet to be Americans.

The Nation's first law concerning immigration was the Naturalization Act of 1790, and numerous other laws relating to the subject have been passed in the 220 years since. It is a world-wide common practice for countries to restrict and control who may enter their countries and under what circumstances and with what rights and responsibilities. In the 21st Century, no country with a viable national government allows unrestricted passage through its borders. Early in our history, we needed settlers to populate our lands and help us build a great country. We not only welcomed all qualified immigrants, we gave many of them land. The Homestead Act allowed anyone in the country legally to qualify for free land until the Act was repealed in 1976 (Alaska 1986.) Immigrants helped us to expand from sea to shining sea.

The current illegal immigration catastrophe in the United States has nothing to do with Europeans (the source of most of the legal immigrants throughout our history), Asians (the first specific ethnic group to be restricted by our immigration laws), Africans, Australians or those from South America. It is not a Hispanic issue, for many Hispanics are proud United States citizens who contribute greatly to our national strength and prosperity. It is not a race issue, for brown is a common color of many of our citizens. It is a national sovereignty issue. The current illegal immigration catastrophe is caused by the influx of Mexican Nationals into our country through our southern border without proper documentation and authorization. Because the numbers of illegal Mexican Nationals crossing our southern border is so huge, there is no doubt that many violent criminals and even terrorists are entering our country using this same route.

There are three reasons that we face an illegal immigration catastrophe today: 1. Crime, poor economic opportunity, and a corrupt government in Mexico. 2. Lack of resolve in the United States to stem the tide of illegals by restricting employment opportunities and strengthening border security. 3. Political shenanigans in Washington in order to capture the Hispanic vote and increase the Hispanic voter base by giving "purified" illegals an easy path to citizenship.

There are three things that must be done to protect our national sovereignty and stop the influx of undocumented and unauthorized Mexican Nationals from entering our country: 1. Pass and enforce employment laws that make it untenable for US employers to hire undocumented workers of all nationalities. 2. Secure our southern border by assigning more law enforcement/military personnel to border security duty with authorization to use whatever force is necessary to stop the movement of illegal personnel across our border. 3. Create a Documented Worker program that allows Mexican Nationals to apply for work permits while in Mexico that will allow them to enter the US legally in order to fill jobs determined to lack US citizen manpower to fill (a Work Visa program.)