Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Was America Great?

If you can find a history book that has not been edited by the far left progressives, you will find that the early colonists came to the shores of North America seeking religious and political freedom. These facts were taught when I was in school. Hopefully they are still being taught where you and/or your children are now going to school. Although the bounty of the land was a blessing, that is not why they came. They came for freedom.

Most of the early colonists were Christians. It was these early settlers who wrote our Declaration of Independence and framed our Constitution. As is evident by the words in these documents, our Nation was created upon the belief in a Supreme Creator who loves his Creation, including the people He created. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness (Declaration of Independence.) Although certainly some of our founding fathers were less "Christian" than others, it is proved by the documents to which they signed their names that all of them agreed that our new Nation would be built on and guided by Christian principles.

Have the actions of our government always adhered to Christian principles? Certainly not! Just as Christians themselves are not perfect, neither is a country based on Christian principals. Must all citizens of a Christian country be Christian? Certainly not! Just as most religious groups welcome non-believers into the fellowship in hopes of showing them a better way to live, our country welcomes people of all beliefs. This is not just a matter of religion, it is a matter of Freedom. However, the freedom to not believe in our Christian principles does not give anyone the right to destroy the foundational beliefs upon which our country was built and our Constitution crafted. Does a non-believer have the right to destroy the church or mosque or synagogue of the group that he does not believe in? Certainly not! He can go elsewhere, but he does not have the right to destroy. So to, our Country.

I believe that our Country became the greatest country on earth because we were founded upon Christian principals. We honored God as a Nation, and the great majority of our people believed in Jesus and his teachings of love, kindness and charity. We were a moral Country that respected each life that God created, even those not Christian. Now we have leaned so far to the left that we are falling. We are not yet down, but we are close. The only way we will right ourselves is to reach up to God. I pray that we will not have to hit bottom before enough of us realize that we must not only turn our country back to its Christian roots, but we must also turn ourselves back into the loving hands of our Creator.

Pray that God will reveal our sins, both personal and national, accept our pleas for forgiveness as we turn away from our sin, and bring us all back into His grace and love.

Washington and Lincoln

Would George Washington and Abraham Lincoln be proud of you as a citizen of the country that they helped to build? Would they think of you as a "fiery patriot" or as a complacent subject of the government?

I am afraid it has reached the point where drastic action, hopefully not violent action, will be required in order to turn back the rising tide of Political Correctness and the far left progressive agenda that is threatening our Union. We citizens can no longer sit idly by and hope someone else will do our duty for us, for if we do, our freedoms and our country will be lost. Take action today to help restore our Constitution and our founding principals (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as endowed by our Creator) so that our children can enjoy the life that our founding fathers and patriotic ancestors fought to provide. Call and write your elected representatives on the local, state and national level whenever you hear something that you know is anti-American so that they will know how you feel. Become an activist for pro-freedom, pro-Constitution, pro-American ideals. Write a Letter to the Editor voicing your concerns and convictions. Create your own Blog and follow those of others who are standing up for Freedom. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! No longer can we be "nice" and let statements and actions that erode our freedoms go unchallenged. For if we do, a second Revolution may be required in order to preserve our great Nation.

Please read the blog of Constitutional Lawyer Michael Connelly for an insightful article on this topic.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How much are humans worth?

I just googled this subject. The first response I found (and it seems to be the most used) is that the materials that make up your body are worth about $4.50, with most of that value coming from the skin (used as leather.) I didn't see a valuation for hair. I guess that is because some of you would be bankrupt! I guess this valuation does mean those of us who are "husky" are more valuable than those who are not.

The other most common answer (according to my very unscientific method of polling) is that the human body is worth about $45 million. This method of valuation commercializes your body, selling off your lungs, kidneys, eye balls, heart, etc. on the open market. Using this method of valuation, women are more expensive than men due primarily to their eggs (which are worth much more than men's contribution to the reproductive process.) This is a ten-million times increase from the first response, proving the value of capitalism!

Net worth, or how much money you have as opposed to debt, seems to come in third place. Most of us have a net worth of more than $4.50, and less than $45,000,000.

I think humans are priceless. After all, God sent his only Son to die for us so that we all might have eternal life. Just because somebody does not take Him up on His offer does not mean that they are not just as valuable as those that do. It just means that they don't get it.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Today is my 35th wedding anniversary. Thanks to my beautiful bride, Kim, I have a very blessed life. We have four children and six grandchildren (number seven is due in May.) We have two beautiful and wonderful daughters-in-law, and a son-in-law. Here is a short history of our life together.

We met when I was 15 and Kim was 13. We attended different schools, and met through church related activities. We married two years later (yes, I was 18 and Kim was 15.) We lived a few weeks with Kim's parents while our trailer was being setup on my father's farm. I was earning $2.10/hour, bringing home $77/week. Our trailer payment was $88/month (it was not an asset.) Kim did not like living on the farm (she was a city girl, having grown up in the metropolis of Cullman.) She especially did not like the little pigs that slept under our trailer. She also did not like helping my dad plant sweet potatoes. In order to support my family, I joined the Army not long after high-school graduation.

I enlisted in the Infantry because I could get a $2,500 signing bonus. After completing Basic and AIT, we moved to Clarksville, TN, in late 1975. I was a member of the 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell. During our two years there, we had two sons, Christopher and Joshua. I started to grow personally as I attended many military schools. Kim did also as she took care of two babies pretty much by herself during the many weeks that I was gone while training. We also made many, many trips back home to Cullman. After two years at Ft. Campbell, I was transferred to Ft. Richardson, Alaska. No more trips to Cullman.

We drove cross-country in our Toyota Corolla with two kids in diapers and most of what we owned tied to the roof. We spent three years in Alaska, and had our third son there, Matthew. It was in Alaska that we really started to depend on each other. I loved Alaska. Kim did not. We attended First Baptist Church Anchorage. We left Alaska in August of 1980. We lived in Cullman while I spent my last year in the Army at Ft. McClellan, Alabama.

In 1981 we bought our first house in Green Tree Estates between Cullman and Hanceville. After getting out of the Army in August, I tried my hand at cabinet making and woodworking. Regretfully, 1981 was a very slow time for building, and I was not making much money. We attended East Side Baptist Church. While visiting my brother in Atlanta for Christmas, I met one of his neighbors who was moving to Tampa, Florida to start a delivery service. He needed a manager and I needed a job. Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, we moved to Tampa in February 1982. We attended Citrus Park Baptist Church, where I became a Deacon.

During the first week of August of 1984 we moved to Orlando, I started a new delivery operation there, and Kim delivered our fourth child and first daughter, Rebecca (still in Tampa.) It was an exciting week. I also became part owner of the Company. We purchased our second home in 1987. We stayed in Orlando 12 years. Our two oldest sons graduated from Oak Ridge High School. We attended First Baptist Church Pine Castle, where I was a Deacon. In 1986 I purchased the Orlando operation from my partner. In 1989 my brother and I purchased the Tampa delivery operation. In 1994 we sold the delivery companies. In 1996 Kim, Matthew, Rebecca and I moved back home to Cullman. Chris and Josh were in College.

We bought the house where we currently live in 1996. Matt and Rebecca graduated from Cullman High School. I "retired" for almost three years. I went to work for Network Express in January of 1999. I commuted to Clearwater, Florida to once again work in the delivery business. In 2004, I bought Network Express. In 2009, I sold it and once again have retired.

As you can tell, I have dragged Kim all over the country. We left the Army in order to not have to move around so much. Little did we know that our moving was going to continue like it did. However, through it all, Kim has been by my side. Even though she didn't like the moving, and she certainly did not like my disposition to work sixteen hour days, she hung in there. Even when I hocked everything we had and much more in order to be an owner, she stood by me. She also managed to raise four pretty good kids, a couple of dogs, and some cats, hamsters, fish and birds.

I have been greatly blessed with a wonderful life and beautiful bride!


Debt has been described to me as a "four-letter" word. Bank debt is two four-letter words. The Bible, as well as other sources of conventional wisdom, warn of the evils of debt, and with good reason. But there is "good" debt. In business, good debt is that debt that allows you to acquire assets whose value is more, or will grow to be more, than the debt required to acquire it. An example of good debt is for a yard service to borrow the money to purchase a riding mower. With only a push mower, the owner cannot grow his business. But with a riding mower, many more yards can be mowed. The difference in capability will more than cover the cost of the riding mower. Bad debt is borrowing to acquire items that will decrease in value or are a liability. The most common form of bad debt is carrying a balance on credit cards, because most items purchased with credit cards do not increase in value and are not used to create or increase the value of other assets.

If you have lots of money, spend it on whatever you like. You earned it, you can waste it. However, if you want to ever get ahead financially, insure that the only debt you take on is used to increase your asset base. What is an asset? It is something that makes you money. What is a liability? It is something that decreases in value. Is a home purchased with debt an asset or a liability? Good question. In most instances, if you have a good down payment and find a good deal, purchasing a home is a good move. It will probably reduce your monthly living expense, while possibly, over the long-term, it will increase in value (although recent history should alert you to be cautious even when purchasing a home.) Is a boat purchased with debt an asset or a liability? Don't even ask. A boat is a hole in the water into which you pour money!

If you are living on bad debt, change your lifestyle immediately. Debt will destroy your finances, your relationships, and your life. Debt can be used as a tool, but like a chainsaw in the hands of child, it can be very dangerous.