Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bass Pro

I went to the Bass Pro Shop yesterday. For someone who loves to fish, or hunt, or hike, or camp, or boat, or do just about anything in the outdoors, going to the Bass Pro Shop is better than, well, Disney World. In fact, if I ever won a gold medal and was asked what I was going to do next, I would shout, "I am going to the Bass Pro Shop!"

Yesterday I walked around for about an hour in the Bass Pro. That was really a short visit for me. I normally spend two to three hours whenever I get inside one of these great examples of outdoor excess (the closest one to my home is about 50 miles away.) I browsed mostly in the fishing and boating areas that day. I ended up buying about $30 worth of fishing lures (recommended by a fishing buddy who knows what he is doing.) I hope they help me to catch a big bass! I normally spend a good deal of time in the hunting and camping departments. In fact, I could almost open a hunting and camping store in my basement with the "stock" that is no longer in the Bass Pro Shop.

I used to be able to complain to my wife about spending so much time (and money) in the clothing stores. I guess I will have to lay off complaining to her about her shopping habits until I lick my Bass Pro Shop addiction.

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  1. FINALLY!!! I will keep this blog in the back of my mind for use at a later point. I'm sure it will come in handy :)