Monday, November 18, 2013

Re-Post From 2009

Billboards and Life

Through a business arrangement, I met a man whom I think will become a friend. He loves the outdoors, and is a dynamic Christian, speaking to groups across the country. When he learned that I was from Alabama, he mentioned that he had a good friend in Sylacauga, David Pursell. David is an Auburn graduate who owns FarmLinks, a golf resort and grass research facility on Lay Lake. I had never heard of David or FarmLinks.

It is a small world after all (to quote a famous mouse.) Not two weeks after having the conversation about David Pursell, my son-in-law asked me if I have ever heard of FarmLinks? It turns out that David Pursell is going to speak at the ACIPCO Leadership Association meeting in November (where my son-in-law is employed). In addition, on my next trip to Auburn to see the Tigers beat Ole Miss, I see the huge billboard for FarmLinks, that I am sure I have passed many times without every noticing. Then, when I get to the game, I see that FarmLinks advertises on the big screen in the stadium! It is amazing how much of the world just passes me by without ever being realized until there is something that causes me to take notice.

I am afraid that is how so many people are with Jesus. They hear about Him all of their lives, but he becomes just another billboard on the cluttered side of the highway of life. He is often passed by until a "bump in the road" jars them out of their complacence. Little do they know that if they will stay close to Him, He will make the whole journey smoother. Trusting Jesus will not improve your gas mileage, nor will he appear to fix your flat. But He will make your life better.

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