Friday, November 27, 2009

Winners and Losers

My Auburn Tigers played a great game against our arch rivals, the Alabama Elephants. The Tigers' defense looked better than they had all year. We shut down their Heisman Trophy candidate running back, holding him to less than 2 yards per carry. Our offense looked good. Chris Todd become the record holder with 21 touchdown passes for the season. We had more total yards. We just looked better. Alabama was never in the lead.

Until less than two minutes remained in the game. We got tired. We lost our focus. Then Alabama scored to go ahead. And we lost the game.

It was an exciting game. A lot of things went right. But when it came to winning or losing, we lost. But football is just a game, and there is always next year.

Our country is at a crossroads. We have been the most properous and succesful country on Earth because of our freedoms, and our faith in God. Both are under attack. The USA may have played a great game so far, but I am afraid what has kept us in the lead is no longer important to us. Freedom and faith are no longer in our play book. Are we tired? Have we lost our focus? I say we need a Pep Rally to remind us what is really important, because our freedoms, our faith and our future are not "just a game."

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