Thursday, January 28, 2010

The State of the Union

President Obama addressed the Nation last night. He confirmed to everyone that it does not matter what the citizens are clearly saying (through tea parties, town halls, polls and elections.) He is going to push ahead the anti-Constitution projects of government run healthcare and anti-business taxes under the guise of global warming relief. He even went so far as to chastise the Supreme Court for its decision to uphold our Constitutional right of Free Speech, and to declare that he would use an Executive Order to implement a law that the people's Congress voted against (a Congress with a clear majority of his own party.)

Mixed signals? You bet. Only the Great Orator Barack Obama can call for an insignificant "spending freeze" that does not start until next year in order to reduce the deficit, while at the same time announce that he IS going to push forward a "jobs bill" that will cost more this year than his freeze is expected to save in the years to come. Why can't we just reduce spending and taxes and let the free enterprise system work us out of this recession?

Our President is a threat to our liberty, and the United States. His policies, projects, appointees and cronies are all radically different from what the framers of our Constitution would have ever envisioned to be associated with a President. Obama is openly trying to disregard and undermine the Constitution that he has sworn to uphold. The People must speak loudly this November in order to insure that this President does not have the political power to neuter our Constitution. For make no mistake, and let me make this perfectly clear, if the Citizens of the United States do not rise up and vote out of office all of those who disregard our Constitution and follow the path of socialism espoused by Obama and his Chicago-land thugs, we WILL lose our prosperity, our freedom, and our Country!

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