Sunday, February 7, 2010

How much are humans worth?

I just googled this subject. The first response I found (and it seems to be the most used) is that the materials that make up your body are worth about $4.50, with most of that value coming from the skin (used as leather.) I didn't see a valuation for hair. I guess that is because some of you would be bankrupt! I guess this valuation does mean those of us who are "husky" are more valuable than those who are not.

The other most common answer (according to my very unscientific method of polling) is that the human body is worth about $45 million. This method of valuation commercializes your body, selling off your lungs, kidneys, eye balls, heart, etc. on the open market. Using this method of valuation, women are more expensive than men due primarily to their eggs (which are worth much more than men's contribution to the reproductive process.) This is a ten-million times increase from the first response, proving the value of capitalism!

Net worth, or how much money you have as opposed to debt, seems to come in third place. Most of us have a net worth of more than $4.50, and less than $45,000,000.

I think humans are priceless. After all, God sent his only Son to die for us so that we all might have eternal life. Just because somebody does not take Him up on His offer does not mean that they are not just as valuable as those that do. It just means that they don't get it.

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  1. I was initially disturbed by the beginning of this post, but you brought it around full circle. Good job.