Monday, February 15, 2010

Washington and Lincoln

Would George Washington and Abraham Lincoln be proud of you as a citizen of the country that they helped to build? Would they think of you as a "fiery patriot" or as a complacent subject of the government?

I am afraid it has reached the point where drastic action, hopefully not violent action, will be required in order to turn back the rising tide of Political Correctness and the far left progressive agenda that is threatening our Union. We citizens can no longer sit idly by and hope someone else will do our duty for us, for if we do, our freedoms and our country will be lost. Take action today to help restore our Constitution and our founding principals (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as endowed by our Creator) so that our children can enjoy the life that our founding fathers and patriotic ancestors fought to provide. Call and write your elected representatives on the local, state and national level whenever you hear something that you know is anti-American so that they will know how you feel. Become an activist for pro-freedom, pro-Constitution, pro-American ideals. Write a Letter to the Editor voicing your concerns and convictions. Create your own Blog and follow those of others who are standing up for Freedom. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! No longer can we be "nice" and let statements and actions that erode our freedoms go unchallenged. For if we do, a second Revolution may be required in order to preserve our great Nation.

Please read the blog of Constitutional Lawyer Michael Connelly for an insightful article on this topic.

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