Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Blog about My Blog

My son-in-law started talking to me about writing a blog in early October 2009. At the time, I had no idea what that meant even though I had just read his blog. He was the only person I knew who blogged (Robbie.) But, having a little free time on my hands, I said, "OK." Then I said, "Show me how." After being introduced to, I started writing. My first blog was, "Three Things That Will Save Our Country." That was back in October.

Now my daughter (Rebecca) and at least one daughter-in-law (Nicole) blogs. Two grandchildren have blogs ran by their parents (Rylee Mae & Taylor.) I have a favorite blogster (Michael Connelly.) I have posted more than 40 times in my blog, and that is just since October 2009. Many of my blogs are long (I sometimes ramble), and most are political in nature. I thought most of my writings would concern the outdoors and nature, hence the name "Wild Roamings." Looking back, I can honestly say that I still like what I have said, although some of my thoughts have matured.

My "Three Things That Will Save Our Country" from my very first blog, Term Limits, Fair Tax and a Balanced Budget, have morphed into Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free-Market Capitalism. You can read my blog "These Three Things" to understand my thinking on this topic.

Writing a blog allows you to crystalize your thinking on the subjects you write about. My blog about "Prohibition And The War On Drugs" forced me to put in writing how I feel about how we have been fighting to stop the horrible reality of what is drug abuse in America. I would love for our current strategy to work, but it has not (for more than 50 years.) We must change our strategy. If you have a better idea than mine on how to win the fight against illegal drugs, write it in a blog and send me the link. I also finally put in writing my elementary analogy of how God can give us freedom while at the same time having predestined the future of His Creation. You can read "Who Is In Control Of The World" if you are interested in this topic. Hopefully it will lead you to study the Bible on your own.

What is my biggest disappointment about blogging? Hardly anyone leaves a comment. That may mean that no one is reading my blog. However, if you do read it, please leave a comment. Your comment can be short or long, pro or con. I would just like to know that I am not writing in my own little world.

All in all, I am glad I blog. I hope you do also.


  1. Comment. I do enjoy your writings.

  2. I enjoy reading your blogs. I like to imagine how history will look back on them after you are elected.

  3. Josh wanted me to comment that Rylee was first! Yep child of the times you could say. And I agree with Chris!