Saturday, April 17, 2010

Staying On Message

There are a lot of things I would like to see changed about our country and our government. I do not think "separation of Church and State" can be found anywhere in our Constitution. In fact, I think our Constitution is based on, and can only be followed by, a good understanding of the Holy Bible. Although we should not require any particular religion, or any religion, the government should not be anti-religion.  I am against the killing of soon-to-be-born children; abortion. I believe strongly in Second Amendment rights. I believe strongly in private property rights, so much that I am against property taxes, and certainly against the abuse of eminent domain. I don't think we are the world's policeman. Our foreign policy should be based on what is best for our country, not how we might be able to make the world "better" in the view of whichever party is in power. I am for reform of our legal system so that our laws will protect and be responsive to the people, not crafted to enrich lawyers. I believe that the right to a speedy trial does not mean a trial in a year or two, maybe. I believe in charity, not welfare. I believe that we should change how we are waging the "War on Drugs" by legalizing, regulating and taxing them just like we do alcohol. I am in favor of the "Fair Tax"; tax what I spend, not what I earn. All of these issues are important to me, and there are many others that I could list.

But right now, today, in the United States of America, there are three issues that trump all others. If we fail to bring about These Three Things, we will lose all hope of accomplishing any of the other things that are important to me, and probably we will have lost all hope of accomplishing any of the things that are important to you. What are These Three Things?

Limited Government
Fiscal Responsibility
Free-Market Capitalism

These Three Things must be the message we herald from the mountaintops as we approach the elections. These Three Things must be the message heard at Tea Party rallies. And These Three Things must be what we require of any candidate for whom we vote starting right now. Hopefully the candidates that you support will also agree with you on many of the issues you deem important. But even if the do not, we must elect men and women to our governments at the local, state, and federal level who will fight for These Three Things. For if we do not, I fear we will lose our ability to fight for anything.

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