Friday, August 5, 2011

Donations, Donations, Donations

I have donated to: Ron Paul, The Tea Party Patriots, Paul Bussman, and the Republican Party. I am no longer a supporter of the Republican Party, primarily because of how their leadership in D.C. believes it is more important to get re-elected than to it is to do what is best for America. Boehner and his cronies had the opportunity to STOP our government's out-of-control spending, but instead they passed a reduction in the rate of the future increases of their spending. They are RINOs, and will hopefully be thrown out of office in 2012. My Congressman, Robert Aderholt, also voted in favor of the debt deal. I will campaign against him in 2012 if there is a candidate running who supports Constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and free-market capitalism. Amazingly, both of my Senators voted against the debt deal.

I do support some statesmen who are Republicans. I am supporting Ron Paul for President. I hope he wins the GOP primary. If not, I think his candidacy will impact the Republican platform and help other Constitutional Conservatives win spots in the House and Senate.

I just received another solicitation for a donation from MicheleBachman, Presidential candidate. I will not give to her candidacy. She should be supporting the Father of the Tea Party, Ron Paul.

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