Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011

It is raining in north Alabama. I think it is raining all over the Southeast. As I look across Lake Guntersville, I can only see a few hundred yards. The fog and rain are keeping me from seeing clearly. The lake is rough, and I am glad that I am not outside. This is not a pretty picture. This is not why I built my house here, but it is why my house has a firm foundation and a solid roof. Luckily, I know more than what the current conditions tell me. I know that someday the clouds will clear, the lake will calm, and the view from my window will be beautiful. I will once again venture out onto the lake to enjoy life.

Everyone experiences storms in their life. Some are minor storms, and some are major storms. While the sun is shining, prepare for the storms, for they will come. Create. Earn. Save. Do what you can do to insure that you can weather the storms. Do not depend on someone else to take care of you. Your ship will come in only if you have built a secure harbor with a shining beacon to guide it to you. The only things that will accidentally wash up on your shore are shipwrecks.

Our country is in the midst of a storm this Labor Day. The economy is bad. The housing market is bad. Many people are unemployed. Businesses are afraid to spend. I believe the culprit is too much government. Although I strongly disagree with the policies of the current administration, both major parties have created the problems that are killing our nation. Both Republicans and Democrats have grown government and ignored our Constitution. The responsibilities of the Federal Government are clearly enumerated and limited in our Constitution. Everything else belongs to the States, or to the People. We cannot expect nor do we need someone else (the Feds) to take care of us. The less the Feds give to us, the less we will be forced to give them. I know that I can spend my money better than Washington can. The out-of-control Federal Government is the problem with our economy. If we cannot right the Ship of State, it will sink, and it will take us with it!

You need to do three things this Labor Day in order to get our Nation back on the right track. 1. Commit to create, earn and save for your own well-being. You cannot depend on anyone else to take care of you. 2. Commit to work to elect Constitutional Conservatives to local, state and federal office next November. I believe both liberals and conservatives can trust our Constitution to be the beacon that will guide our nation back to liberty and prosperity. 3. Commit to turn (back) to God and pray asking Him to cleanse your heart both personally and ours as a nation, and to forgive us for removing Him and His Son from our daily lives. It was God's blessings that created this nation. It will be His blessings that calm the rough waters we are experiencing now.

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