Saturday, October 10, 2009

Free Market

The free market creates and maintains free people. A regulated market requires that the people also be regulated. Our government has no business being in business, except for the military and some other minor national regulatory agencies. The Federal Government should not be involved in private business, and most other "national" agencies and departments should be either closed down or turned over to the individual states. Ask any small business owner (the creators of more than 50% of all private sector jobs in the United States) what is the biggest headache and hindrance of running their business and they will say "government regulations and paperwork."

I am particularly concerned about the Department of Education that has the power to control what is taught in our schools, and who has access to higher education opportunities. Of course, the IRS is a close second not only because of the number of regulations, but the inability for anyone, even the IRS, to tell you what the regulations mean and how to properly comply (hence the need for armies of lawyers and accoutants to help you stay out of trouble.)


  1. You know, you should run for President!

    What do you mean by "some other minor national regulatory agencies"?

  2. There are legitimate functions of the Federal Government beyond Defense, such as Foreign Affairs and interstate commerce (dealing with other governments and interactions between States.) However, anything and everything that can be handled at the State level should be (education, labor, etc.) If one State wants spend all of its money on social programs, so be it. If another would prefer to spend it on education, so be it. If another roads . . . States will then grow and prosper based on what they provide their people, based on what their people elect their leaders to provide (the closer the government to the governed, the more responsive and representative the government.)