Monday, October 19, 2009

Auburn Tigers Football

I am an Auburn Tigers Football fan. I grew up that way. My oldest sibling (a brother ten years my senior) went to Auburn, as did another brother and a sister. My father-in-law graduated from Auburn in 1956, while it was called the Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Numerous in-laws and nieces and nephews have graduated from Auburn. My wife and I go to almost every Auburn Football game. We usually tail-gate with friends and family. Saturday afternoons in Auburn are great! There is nothing in football that will evoke team spirit like watching Auburn's War Eagle soar over the crowd prior to the game.

It is really great when Auburn wins the game. It is not so great when Auburn loses. It is horrible when Auburn loses to that school in Tuscaloosa. Auburn beat them six years in a row, 2002-2007. Our victory this year will be a great upset! I have good friends (few relatives) who are fans of the team from Tuscaloosa. We are usually polite when discussing football, although the rivalry between the two schools has been called one of the most intense in the nation.

I like Auburn. I like football. I like Auburn Football. Warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Eagle, HEY!

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