Friday, October 16, 2009

Our Great Country

The United States of America is the greatest country in the World. We are great because of our economy. Even in “slow” economic times, our standard of living is worlds ahead of any other place on earth. We are great because of our military. Everybody knows that we are the “big dog”, and we can bite. We are great because of our freedoms. Those of us who criticize the most are living proof.

But how did we get to be so great in so many ways? I believe it is because God-fearing men and women were and are willing to give up personal gain for the good of all. George Washington could have dined with the King of England; instead he suffered through Valley Forge. Japan and most of Europe, including France, could easily be territories of the United States; instead we spent billions of dollars rebuilding those countries after World War II. We could be paying five-cents per gallon for Kuwaiti and Iraqi oil; instead we keep troops there to assure their peace. These are but a few of the many instances of where we could have taken, but instead we gave.

It is hard for most people and countries of the world to understand that we only want peace. We do not want more territory, or we would have it. We do not want to subjugate more peoples, or they would be ours. Instead, we want to assure that people everywhere have the same rights and opportunities that we take for granted, and we want to assure that our rights and opportunities are not taken away.

Remember those who give so that others may have. The most obvious, and with the most to lose, are those in our military services. Remember, and give thanks for, everyone that is willing to give up their life so that we may have life, and have it more abundantly.

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  1. Although your statments used to be accurate, I'm afraid they are not accurate anymore. If we are the big dog, we certainly haven't let anyone else know about it since WWII. Vietnam, the Gulf War, and more recently the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were/are certainly not "won". It may be "noble" on some quasi-spiritual plane, but for those of us "on the ground", it seems like we as a country don't know what we are doing. In this politically correct age, I doubt we even know how to "win" a war. Our politicians will argue as our enemies strengthen. They will deny funds, deny soldiers, and fail to drop the big one when needed. I propose that we would be better off (and the world would be better off) if we got out of everyone else's business. We should be willing to help when needed, but there are other ways to accomplish that without Marshall Law in several countries. When the government gets control over something, they NEVER let go (see first tax instituted on citizens (3% tax to pay for the Civil War), or the troops that we STILL have stationed in Germany). Fundamentally, the government tries to obtain as much power as possible. Less government, more people!