Thursday, March 18, 2010

Term Limits

I am a Constitutional Conservative. I used to be a Republican. I have given to the Republican party. I will not do so again. I will instead give to candidates who promise to uphold the Constitution. Although not (yet) in our Constitution, I believe in the necessity of Term Limits. Most of the career politicians in Washington, whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent, are destroying our country. They no longer uphold their oath to protect and defend our Constitution, and they no longer listen to the citizens who put them in office. They think they are above the electorate. Therefore, they must go.

No matter your party affiliation, there is no doubt that a few "good ones" will be lost when we invoke term limits, whether by the ballot box or by a Term Limits Amendment. Although, quite frankly, like George Orwell so aptly said in his famous book "Animal Farm", when you look in the window at Congress, "you can't tell the pigs apart from the humans." If a Representative does a great job and is elected twice, then let him run for the Senate. Remember, at least every twelve years there will be an opening there. So, even with term limits, a really good leader can serve in Federal elected office for 24 years (Representative 4 years. Senator 12 years. President 8 years.) That is plenty long enough.

Many have said that they can't support term limits because it would mean they will have to vote for someone in the opposing party. That is only true if we, the electorate, have not imposed term limits. If we have imposed term limits, either through Amendment or by the ballot box, then the "new blood" of your party will be elected during the primary election, giving you a good choice during the general election.

Until term limits are the law of the land, in the primary vote for someone new if the incumbent has already served two or more terms. Hopefully it will be someone whose values are the same as yours. In the general election, try hard to vote out the career politician. In many instances, the new blood of any party will be better for us than to allow the entrenched, professional politician to continue raping our country.

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