Monday, October 4, 2010

American Statesmen

The mid-term elections are in four weeks. We will see if the people of the United States really care about the future of their country. As I have said before, I believe that it is just as important that we have a high voter turnout then it is that only "conservatives" vote. I believe that the people are smart enough to know that we must change our country's direction, and it is only by voting that the change can happen.

I Hope we can effect Change. Hope and Change; quite the catchy phrase, isn't it. Who would have thought the politicians who sold us on Hope and Change, promising to Fundamentally Change America, would also so flagrantly violate the oath to Protect and Defend the U.S. Constitution while forcing an anti-Constitution agenda on the American People? But they have, and we must send the message that we insist that the Constitution be protected and followed.

There are hundreds of issues that need to be discussed and addressed. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents all have their platforms and talking points. Red and Yellow, Black and White, and Brown, all have issues that need to be discussed and addressed. Male and Female, Straight and Gay, Christian and Jew and Muslim and Atheist all have issues that need to be discussed and addressed. Industrialist and Conservationist, Hunters and Vegans, Auburn Football fans and Other Football fans, all have issues that need to be discussed and addressed (I apologize if I left out your group or cause.) But there are only three things that must guide our voting this election:

1. Limited Federal Government.
2. Fiscal Responsibility.
3. Free-market Capitalism.

Insure that everyone you vote for will stand in support of these three things. For if we have these three things, we can find solutions for all of our other problems. If we do not have these three things, then our country will fail and someone else will be imposing their will on the American people. By insuring, we must also insist that what they said to get elected is also what they do once in office. American in name only will no longer cut it! We need American Statesmen, not politicians. All American Statesmen must put the Constitution first when deciding every issue.

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