Friday, October 8, 2010

Personal Responsibility and Freedom

Thankfully, we are now starting to hear a lot about upholding the Constitution and protecting the freedoms that it guarantees. We want limited government as required by the Constitution. We want fiscal responsibility by our government, and we want free-market capitalism. When we get these things, we should have a vibrant economy and a happy nation. Right?

Well, there is always the other side of the coin. In order to have limited government and fiscal responsibility, we must do away with, or at least reduce, the out-of-control entitlement spending by the government.  That means less medicaide and medicare. It means less social security, and probably at a later age. It means fewer food stamps and other forms of welfare. I hope it also means the closing and dismantling of most federal Departments including Agriculture, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, Interior, Transportation and Veteran Affairs. Any functions of these Departments required or desired to be continued will be handled by the States (Defense will handle Veterans Affairs.) That leaves the Departments of (interstate) Commerce, Defense and Homeland Security, Justice, State and Treasury to handle the enumerated powers. Of course, replacing the income tax and the IRS with the Fair Tax will also help, as will abolishing the Federal Reserve.

What will be required of us, the citizens, if we are to achieve the limited federal government, fiscal responsibility and free-market capitalism we are voting for? We must once again expect Americans to exercise Personal Responsibility, be Morally Honest, and show Charity. For we cannot hold our politicians to a higher standard than we hold ourselves, and we must expect these American Traits from our Statesmen.

We can be free and happy. Lets do it!


  1. Bobby, have you heard about Estonia? You should research them. Then made the decision to privatize numerous government programs and go to a free market and have been VERY successful. The prime minister based his entire economic program on the free market described by Milton Friedman.

  2. Let's go for it.