Saturday, May 8, 2010

Backpacking on the AT

AT = Appalachian Trail = 2000+ miles from Georgia to Maine = Beautiful Scenery = Ugly Feet

I have hiked more than 500 miles of the AT over several outings. The longest time on the trail was about 12 days, or 150 miles. I have hiked several sections more than once. But, to be quite honest, it may be the closest this man will ever get to experiencing child birth.

Backpacking on the AT hurts real bad while doing it, but I keep going back for more. There is nothing easy about toting a backpack weighing more than 30 pounds (with food and water) up and down never ending mountains in the hot, or cold, or dry, or wet, or the very worst, cold and wet and windy, weather. But it is fun, and it is an adventure. Experiencing nature is something most of us seldom get to do. Walking in the rain may be a pretty song, but most of us try to avoid it whenever possible. However, on the trail, you walk.

From sun up to sun down (or not), you walk. It has been said that the most viewed site on the AT is the top of your boots. When you are not walking, you are eating or sleeping. Nothing else. For days. For some through-hikers (true bloods who walk the entire trail in one season), pretty much nothing but walking, eating and sleeping is done for five or six months. They say it gets easier physically the longer you walk, but they also say it gets harder mentally.

I would like to be a through-hiker. Maybe I will do that my sixtieth year. Or earlier. Will you go with me?


  1. I would love to thru-hike with you. Can you talk to my place of employment about that? And also your daughter?

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  3. I will not go with you...for multiple reasons. Perhaps I will make you a top 10 list of reasons I will not hike the AT:

    10. I simply don't like being in the "woods". They are dirty, filled with bugs, and scary! YUCK!

    9. Nature is best viewed from the Lido deck! :)

    8. I would COMPLAIN...A LOT! If you think thru-hiking is mentally challenging, just try me on for size.

    7. I don't like Tang

    6. I'm a shower every day kind of girl!

    5. I like food. Lots of it. Hot food. With multiple sides...

    4. I would never be able to carry all that food I love so much on my back.

    3. You wouldn't carry it for me :(

    2. You wouldn't carry me :(

    1. Liking lots of food means having lots of waste...I need a porcelain throne, with a magazine, not a hole dug with Robbie's "I pooed" shovel!!

    Maybe I should just stick to giving birth!!

  4. Haha! Becca you are so funny! Your comment makes me realize why family is so very amazing. We are all so very different but love each other so very much.
    Furthermore, I would LOVE to hike some of the Appalachian Trail. I know I am not! a thru hiker. I'm more of a hey lets drive around the parkway, pull over take a 40 minute hike and take over 40 pictures, then get back in the car and go to the next scenic overlook type of girl.