Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MADD vs. The Arizona Immigration Law

We are hearing a lot about how the New Arizona Immigration Law will violate the "civil rights" of Hispanic citizens in that great state. For some reason those against the law think that it is better that the citizens of Arizona bear the costs of the increased crime and economic shortages caused by the unfettered influx of thousands of illegal Mexican Nationals into the state than for some of its citizens to be inconvenienced if they should be asked to prove their citizenship. Did they feel the same way when Mothers Against Drunk Drivers made their national push for random "sobriety check points" in order to get drunk drivers off the road? Did those now opposing the Immigration Law also oppose the stopping of all traffic, even those not driving erratically or violating any law, to see if they might be intoxicated? Did those now opposing the Immigration law also oppose Federal Background Checks on all purchasers of handguns, even those with no indication of any restricted violation in their past?

American freedoms are fundamental and should not be infringed. However, a slight inconvenience is a small price to pay to protect our country against being overran by foreign nationals who may not have our best interest at heart.


  1. A small inconvenience today is a prison camp tomorrow. I have a right to not be hassled by the federal government every time I walk out the door.

    That's why the census thing is such a big deal to me. The census itself is not a big deal, it is what the federal government could do (and did do) with the census (like looking up Japanese Americans during WWII and sending them to internment camps).

  2. So you also think sobriety check points are bad? I agree with you in principle, and felt the same way as I was writing my blog. I guess that is why I cannot say I am a Libertarian. Every freedom comes with a cost. Nothing in life is free. Although I would like my Work Visa idea to work (go back home in order to apply to work legally), there will simply not be enough takers if jobs are easy in the USA. Controlling the borders now will not put the 12 million illegals back in to Mexico. There has to be economic incentive. Forcing our employers to enforce the laws already on the books is just as important as forcing our government to enforce the laws already on the books.