Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I now have seven grandkids. Jamison (Naomi) is the oldest, but he and Haven (Josh) are both 12. Jordan (Josh) is 11. Those three are the "first batch." Then I have Jacob (Matt & Naomi), who is 2. Rylee (Josh & Nicole), who is going on 2. Taylor (Becca & Robbie), who is 7 months. And then there is Jonah (Matt & Naomi), who is 4 weeks. These four are the "second batch." I do not know why my kids decided on waiting 9 years between batches. Go figure!

I am expecting a third batch, but currently no one else is expecting (that I know of.)

My grandkids are great. They are into sports and music. They like video games, and super heros. They like to visit Momma Bo and me. We like to give them stuff. Usually little things. Occasionally not so. I like the first batch better when mommy and daddy are not around. I like the second batch better when mommy and daddy are close by. I guess I just like to be able to understand what they are saying.

I hope my grandkids grow-up in a country that lets them live a life of self-determination. I want my grandkids to know that they are responsible for their own successes and failures. They must learn that once they become adults, no one else is responsible for taking care of them, especially the government. My grandkids will have what they grow, earn and save, just like their parents, and just like grandparents.

The most valuable thing I can leave my grandchildren is a country that follows its Constitution and believes in Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Market Capitalism.


  1. Although you wish your grandchildren could grow up in a country like that, lets be honest, it's probably NOT going to happen. I just pray I can instill in Taylor the things she needs to make good decisions and have a good, god fearing life regardless of the kind of government she has.

  2. Good post. Becca is becoming a first rate commenter on this blog.